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Comfortable limousine service makes shore excursions in Amalfi Coast exciting and memorable

The Amalfi Coast is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea, a charming land which has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. If you are looking for a simple transfer or a Shore Excursions at the Amalfi Coast, our private cars and limousine service and drivers are here to assist you. We not only get you where you want to go but also to help you get close to this exciting historical place in Italy.

Amalfi Coast shore excursions can start as early as you can get off the ship or airport and getting earlier will be the better decision! Our driver will pick you up at the port or airport or hotel and look for you with the sign mentioning your name on it. You can spend the next 8 to 9 hours in the capable hands of our driver. Our private cars and limousine service and drivers accompany you to your chosen destinations in Amalfi Coast and will be happy to share with you the history, culture, and lifestyle of this land.  You will no doubt fall in love with it. Here are few full-day Amalfi Coast shore excursions suggestions:

Amalfi Coast drive

Our Amalfi Coast shore excursions drive you to the famous Amalfi Coast drive.  We will take you to those places that you’ve always wanted to visit whenever you visit Southern Italy. Along the way of your shore excursion visits the coastal towns of, Amalfi, or Ravello to seeing spectacular panoramic and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coastline. Our drivers will take care of everything, so you can sit back, relax to make your journey most pleasurable.  This place is very famous for offering stunning photo opportunities to vacationers.

Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions

Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius

We offer a professional service to take you on an unforgettable excursion to Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Roman seaside towns that were ruined by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and consequently covered by the lava and ash emitted by the volcano. This could be a big opportunity to discover the hidden secrets of the ancient Roman villas. For archeology enthusiasts, visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum will prove to be a great informative experience.  For your information, Vesuvius is the only remaining active volcano on the European continent and climbing to the edge of the crater can be a great experience.

Sorrento and Positano

We offer a specialized service for your Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions to Positano, giving you the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful small villages on the Amalfi Coast. With pebble beachfront, well-known restaurants, warm summer weather and incomparable beauty of the landscapes make Positano a well-known holiday destination for vacationers. We allow you to discover the incomparable beauty of Sorrento landscapes and fantastic monuments that enrich Sorrento. Sorrento is a town of Parks, villas, orange, lemon and olive groves, picturesque narrow streets and a small place with a big reputation at the western gateway to the Amalfi Coast. It ensured a steady stream of visitors to the town throughout the year and over the centuries.

We can plan and manage your journey for Amalfi Coast shore excursions and glad to help you invent your own itinerary to make your journey much pleasurable. Just let us know what it is you’d like to do and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen in a most successful way.

Enjoy Positano With Amazing Transporters!

Italy is loaded with various amazing tourist places. Their uniqueness always attracts thousands of tourist around the world. No matter whether you are a honeymooner or simply wants to spend your holiday with your better half, Italy is the perfect destination to cater you the freshness you want during your stay.

Positano is one of such amazing places in Amalfi Coast that mainly attracts jet-setters and honeymooners. This is the place which is loaded with stunning unique features. This is generally built into the cliffs of Southern Italy. Private transfer service in Positano is working round the clock to make your trip enjoyable.  Having almost decades of experience, we are the best airport transfers from Naples to Amalfi Coast.

While you have landed in Italy, language is a great barrier basically for the people those are acquainted with English. It is very hard to find a cab driver who can speak you with English but at Positano Limo Service, you’ll feel the difference because we have professional and educated cab drivers who actively guide you to many hotels and tourist places communicating in English.

Easy to find a hotel– From various features of Positano, you can easily experience the amazing coast from the higher hills. This is the most popular feature that people like most. There is nothing more romantic than enjoying breakfast out of the private balcony while viewing the amazing ocean below. Here, you don’t have to face many problems to choose the right hotel that will best suit your budget.

Enjoy the roads– This town is stitched with a one-way road that winds down and turns up through the town. In order to enjoy the amazing ocean, you can find stairs in between those are leading to the cliffs that will lead you in between the houses or hotels up the hill.

Airport Transfers Naples to Amalfi Coast

Golden chance for shopping enthusiasts- This is the palace where you can find a number of shopping area those are loaded with trendy clothes and they are available at the pocket-friendly price. These areas are specialized with shops, cafes, gardens and with some hidden hotels. If you have landed at Rome international airport, our transfer service from Rome to Positano available those will make your journey hassle free.

While you are beach area, you have the chance to hire private boats to take you along the Amalfi Coast. Otherwise, you have the chance to ride on ferries those will lead you to other places like Islands of Capri or Ischia. Our airport transfer services in Amalfi Coast will make you sure that, your trip will be enjoyable without ant stress.

Renting a private car service is a great way in enjoying a pleasurable Amalfi Coast excursion

Amalfi – Based in the incomparable scenery of the Amalfi coast, it is a prosperous maritime city-state, rich in history and plentiful place to move around.  A private visit to the Amalfi Coast by renting a private car service can be a perfect choice if you want to get a real taste of the exquisite coastal landscapes.

Best chauffeured service

You can use our service several times in the Naples area and the Amalfi Coast as our chauffeurs are very informative, helpful and know the area better than anyone.  Thus by hiring a Punctual Car Service in Amalfi Coast you really can relax and enjoy your vacation as well as the breathtaking scenery of this part of Italy. Explore the famous Amalfi Coast with multi-language speaking driver from town to town on a full-day excursion from Naples, Sorrento, or most Amalfi Coast towns with a pick up at your hotel, airport, train stations, or a cruise port.

Comfortable journey

When planning an excursion, rest assured as our Punctual Car Service in Amalfi Coast will accommodate your travel itinerary with ease. If you would like to spend a whole day in Amalfi or the nearby cities like Sorrento, Pompei, Ravello for instance, that can be arranged to meet the desire. Rent a Private Car Service in Amalfi if you want to get a touch to the explicit coastal towns during your journey making sure the drivers can take you there as well.

Tailor-made trip

Our Punctual Car Service in Amalfi Coast will also offer to stop at specifically recommended places that are useful for first-time travelers as they aren’t precisely sure of where they would like to go or what they would like to see. Renting a car for the drive can be just as expensive, but it is very little before the traveling sites you explore and the added benefit of a personal tour guide who is well-known with the area.

Visiting  prime spots

One of the best things about   Punctual Car Service in Amalfi Coast is the private driver service that will take you on to the prime spots on the Amalfi coast. You can stopover the most attractive and historic places such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and much more in the Campania region freely with our rented Private Car Service in Amalfi.

Enjoy some local specialty

While traveling through the Amalfi coast, you will get the opportunity to enjoy some mozzarella, wine tastings at the rural colony, or stop in Positano or Ravello for shopping and to taste some of the big fresh local lemons from the garden or its products and freshly made pasta. The Punctual Car Service in Amalfi Coast can also stop at the rocky beaches along the coast so you can catch some striking scenery on the Mediterranean.


It will be a pleasure of Positano Limo Service to drive you on the winding seaside roads and take you to pleasant coastal towns, picturesque beaches, historic church, villas and gardens, and some of the best hotels in the world. If you like to go for worry-free and luxury ground transportation to and from Amalfi Coast we serve you with the utmost professionalism, punctuality and guide you to different places to visit. For advance booking or consultation call us on (+39) 339 7087359 today!

Ogle the incredible views of Amalfi Coast with an Independent shore excursion

Amalfi is a land of navigators, inventors, for centuries. It is well acknowledged as the most famous drive in all of Italy. We specialize in offering you a golden opportunity for the Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions and witness the area and get the most out of your day.

Upon arrival at the airport, train station or port; you must find us with your name on it. We will be going. We will assist you with all the comfort and relaxation. Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions and adjoining areas to find out the history, culture and beauty that this land can offer. Tour destinations for Amalfi Coast Shore excursions are plenty, and to name just a few are as follows:


Pompeii is a UNESCO-listed site of the most prominent archaeological sites in the world that lies at the foot of the Volcano Vesuvius. Pompeii and Herculaneum are the Roman seaside towns that were destroyed by the 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius and consequently preserved by the lava and ash emitted by the volcano. It is a nice place for archeology enthusiasts. Go up to the edge of the crater of Vesuvius, the only lasting active volcano on the European continent.

Amalfi and Positano

After visiting Pompeii we will drive along the narrow streets of the Amalfi Coast. The first town will be Positano, named by the jewel of the Amalfi Coast. On your Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll along the narrow streets and admire the 9th-century cathedrals, ceramics shops, architecture, Positano fashion style, handmade shoes, and much more. Explore the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast and begin the ride, a 40-mile shoreline dotted with pastel-colored villages situated on the dramatic limestone cliffs. Prairie, Furore, Conca dei Marini. Prairie, Furore, Conca dei Marini.


As you breeze along the coastal cliffs, you will reach the stunning hilltop of Ravello. Located in the hills above Amalfi, Ravello is a refined and polished town almost entirely dedicated to tourism. It has thousands of years of history and is known for its ravishing gardens and stupendous views and enchanting mountaintop setting. There are still many stories to be revealed along its medieval streets. Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium and a vibrant cultural scene.


We geared our Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions towards our clients’ specific desires; so let us know what peaks your interest. With a convenient pickup and comfortable drive, Positano Limo Service offers the custom-tailored Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions for an optimal fun and enjoyment. Get the best assistance in Amalfi Coast at your own peace. We invite you to discover the natural beauty, history, and magic of this place! For your Amalfi coast shore excursion memorable, you can contact us at (+39) 339 7087359 or email us via today!

Explore Italy the best with Sightseeing Tours of Naples

The best-kept secret of Europe is the city of Naples. The magnificent city is situated in Southern Italy by the Bay of Naples. Being in Italy if you have never been to Naples, then you will really be missing the true charm of your vacation. We at Positano Limo Service offer you the best Sightseeing Tours of Naples Italy, which will unveil the real secrets of the city and make your vacation enjoyable and pleasant.

Reasons to be with us

Yes, there are many tour operators who will promise to make available the most comfortable and pleasing vacation for you. But can you rely on them for standing beside their promises? We are the premier limo rental and private car service provider who really stands by their promises to present you a comfortable and pleasing vacation.

Let us see the reasons for choosing us leaving aside the rest.

The commitment that we have: We are committed to offering you safe, enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing tour. We not only promise, but deliver. Our tours are safe as the vehicles are properly maintained and the drivers properly screened before being appointed. You can expect to have a friendly and courteous behavior from our drivers.

As the vehicles are properly maintained it is for sure that you will have the desired comfort. Our fleet is comprised of deluxe Mercedes sedans, minivans, minibusses, so you can be assured of having the best of transportation during our tours.

The convenience that we make possible: When you become a part of our tours you can expect to have everything at your convenience. Be it the English speaking driver, the private guide or legendary hospitality you can expect to have all of us. We even customize our entire tour schedule so that you can conveniently travel and witness the incredible natural beauty and feel the legendary hospitality.

The tour that we make possible: You will get an opportunity to visit some of the artistic treasure of the city like the National Archeological Museum, The Gesu Nuvo, Royal Palace and more when you book your seat with us. We make all this possible, taking 5 to 6 hours of your valuable time. Do not think that we will rush you through. Our English speaking guide will explain in details about everything before you leave a place.

The affordability that we offer: All our charges are not per person but per vehicle. So, it does not matter if you have a large group. We will not be charging you on the strength of your group but on the number of the vehicle that you book.

What you expect from us : A guided tour with an English speaking guide  who helps translation, A local English speaking driver who drives you through even the narrow roads, both are ready to give you the best welcome and help you experience Ancient city, archaeological area,  Italian delicacies, City Sight-Seeing, Food & Wine Tour.

Let Positano Limo Service be your trusted friend while you are in Naples and unveil the best-guarded secrets of the place through their Sightseeing Tours Naples Italy. To have the services of this premier limo rental and private car service provider you can definitely call us at (+39) 339 7087359. You can know more about our affordable and convenient services by being at

Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions Is Easy With Limo Rental Service

If you are in Italy for spending your vacation, then you have lots of places of tourist interest where you can be. The Amalfi Coast is one such destination which you should not miss. Being there, you might want to explore the place in its totality so that you can know about the culture, heritage and natural beauty of the place and that too comfortably. Isn’t it? So have you found out such a way? If you haven’t, then be a part of the Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions that we offer will enable you to do so.

Why be with us

You may be thinking why to be with us when you have various other options to explore Amalfi. Yes, it is true, but are they on whom you can rely? Let us see what makes the difference between us and the others.

  • Even before you reach Amalfi you can contact us and book our tours so that you do not have to lose a second of your valuable vacation time.
  • While with us you can have entire Amalfi Coast transportation and Limo services
  • The drivers and chauffeurs who will be driving your cab are experienced and professional who has the ability to take you safely to your places of interest and explain the importance of the place.
  • They are well conversant with English, so you will not be facing any problem due to language
  • Want a sedan, van, and coaches for your private tour & transport or group transport, we do have all options available for you.
  • You can rely on us to have superior quality service, meet and greet service and on-time, comfortable transportation solution.
  • The services that we make available are cost-effective, relaxing and pleasant.
  • To make the service more cost-effective we have an offer of booking a round trip and saving 10 percent on the final price.

While in Amalfi Coast, you are going to get the best transportation. So, it is for sure that you will like to be with us to have the tours in an around Amalfi with us.

The tours that you can be part of

You may be wondering what nature of tours we organize during our Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions. Let us have a look at those so you can clear your confusion and book such a tour.

Tours of Amalfi Coast: Being a part of this tour organized by us you can expect to have a reliable assistance that will enhance your trip. Our drivers will be picking you up from your place of stay and drive via Naples and Sorrento to reach the stunning coast. The duration of the tour is 8 to 9 hours and you can expect to visit the Cathedral and the Paper Mill Museum. As you reach safely Ravello, you can expect to experience breathtaking views, ancient monuments, and natural beauty.

Day tour from Rome to Amalfi: It is not that you need to be in Amalfi to experience the beautiful coast shore. Even if you are in Rome you can be part of this tour of ours and experience the same.

There are some other tours also which we organize. Let Positano Limo Service drive you on the Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions for a fun-filled memorable experience. If you want to be a part of any such tours and have comfortable and relaxing journeys please do contact to or on (+39) 388 5859682.

Top 4 Hotels To Consider When You Are Looking For A Luxury Accommodation In Naples

Even if you have been to many Italian, do not worry about the cheerful, colorful, and sometimes chaotic hubbub of Naples. If you are looking for a perfect break in Naples, then your first consideration should be a decent hotel. Being a leading NCC Naples car service , we know which Naples hotels serve their customers properly. Listed below are a few examples from our point of view:

Romeo Hotel:

Designed by the popular architect KenzoTange & Associates – Romeo is one of the most creative hotels in Naples. This hotel is a perfect amalgamation of modern architecture, new & sophisticated designs, lavish antique & art works. The hotel offers a wide range of encompassing 44 Deluxe, 16 Deluxe Bay View, 10 Corner Studio, 1 Japanese Garden Suites, 11 Romeo Bay View Suites, and 2 Wellness Suites all furnished with free WI-FI connection. The conference center can accommodate event & meeting of any size.

NCC Napoli Car Service

Grand Hotel Parkers:

The Grand Hotel Parkers gives its guests a sweeping view of the Bay of Naples. The hotel is also conveniently located to visit Naples popular museums & shops. The facilities you can enjoy in this hotel include the marvelous rooftop venue for candlelight dining, Georges Restaurant & terrace overlooking the bay of Naples, a conference center with ten meeting rooms, etc. Roomy & uniquely styled rooms, a presidential suite with Jacuzzi, stylish writing desk, parquet flooring, minibar and a small drawing room.

Hotel Majestic:                                               

Naples has to provide, Majestic is the perfect option for those who want to explore the lively side of Naples. The hotel boasts 112 stylish rooms, many providing stunning views over the bay and the enthralling city. Satellite TV channels, individual air-conditioning and WiFi internet connections are just a few of the many amenities that guests can take advantage of in this hotel. Moreover, the well-furnished convention is a big success. NCC Naples car service as a convenient method of transport.

Naples Central Railway Station

Starhotels Terminus:

Next to Naples Central Railway Station, Starhotels Terminus boasts a picturesque view of Mount Vesuvius and the sea. Pretty much functional, with pretty light furniture and soft carpeted floors. If you are interested in pizza, sightseeing, and museums, the Central Station is not far from Starhotels Terminus.

Conclusion –

Book an NCC Naples car service from the Positano Limo Service if you want a convenient ride from or to these above mentioned hotels. We are proud to say that we have your transportation needs in Naples. Call us on (+39) 3397087359 for advance booking.

5 of the Best Highlighted Features of Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions

Amazingly beautiful, bold, wild, and dreamy, the Amalfi Coast is an ideal getaway in Italy. Its picturesque amphitheater of flowers, and water melodiously mix colors and magnitude and many pastel colored houses in the town overlooking the unbelievable mountain heights. Also called the “Sirens Coast” – the Amalfi Coast, a peninsula that has some of the most enchanting views in the world . The sea of the Amalfi coast, the Amalfi Coast, the sea and the Amalfi Coast. Limoncello liqueur and the finest fish recipes, pleasant weather, the famous limoncello liqueur and the finest fish recipes, Amalfi coast shore excursion. This excursion can be tailored to your professional needs.Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions

Amalfi coast shore excursions are the best option to explore the Amalfi Coast and its surrounds. Hanging in between the Tyrrhenian Sea and blue skies, the Amalfi Coast passes through Sorrento, Praiano, Positano, Furore, the Emerald Grotto, ConcadeiMarini, Ravello and many more stunning spots. Every stopover on the Amalfi CoastAmalfi, I am thinking of a private tour along the windyAmalfi Coast and the Amalfi Coast with the assistance of a courteous driver.

Amalfi coast shore excursion especially if you want to move around Southern Italy and enjoy its wonderful seascapes. Amalfi coast via Naples and Sorrento with the scenic fishing villages of Praiano, Conca dei Marini, Furore and more falling on the way.

You can continue your Amalfi coast with an English speaking driver who will not only pick you up but also drive towards the Amalfi Coast. Let’s check out five of the most highlighted points of this tour that would bring you plenty of excitement and enjoyment.Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions

  1. The excursion will start from Naples where you will have great opportunity to take some beautiful snaps of a lifetime memory.
  2. You will have the first stopover at Positano – a small, spending and pictorial village of the Amalfi coast. Click the “la madonnella “, the best place on a hilltop to see Positano and click precious pictures. 
  3. Then you will be driven comfortably along the Amalfi coast to see the sights of the Praiano, Conca dei Marini, Furore and Amalfi.
  4. You will have a feeling of Amalfi with the Cathedral and the Paper Mill Museum. There are some free time to walk on the pedestrian street and enjoy in cafes and shops.
  5. By lime factories and lemon groves. There, you will have beautiful views of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo gardens.

Amalfi coast shore excursion with convenient pickup and comfortable drive, Positano Limo Service can help. We are a reputed private car and limo service provider in Italy offering custom-tailored Amalfi Coast tours for optimal fun and enjoyment. Once you book for Amalfi Coast, you will have an experience of a professional driver. Amalfi coast shore excursion, you can contact us at (+39) 388 5859682 or email us via !

Why You Should Book a Private Transfer Service to Positano?

Do you want to explore the famous and beautiful Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy with safe and reliable transfer from Naples or Rome? Have you taken a flight or train for an amazing trip to major Italian cities like Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi Coast? To sit comfortably, get driven from the airport or train station on time and enjoy a safe ride with panoramic views on the way, you can use high quality private transfer service to Positano from Rome or book airport transfers from Naples to Amalfi Coast .

You can not miss Positano for its beautiful coastal charm and fascinating town center. From the attractive, colorful shops on the roadside to its plentiful world-famous beaches, everything will attract you like a moth. It is almost impossible to leave Amalfi from your Italy trip as the experience of a fantastic coastal town filled with stacked and colorful buildings and Mediterranean architecture will not be possible for you. The option of private transfer in a luxury vehicle will make sure you have a comfortable, safe and relaxing ride to Positano from the train station, airport or other destinations in Naples or Rome. This private transfer service to Positano brings the first-rate yet cost-effective transportation to major city destinations such as Amalfi coast, Naples, Sorrento, Ravello etc.  

Door to Door Private Transfer to Positano or Amalfi Coast from Naples Airport –

Meet and greet will be offered to you upon arriving at the train station or airport of Naples. The chauffeur will help with your bags and drive you to your ultimate destination within no time. You will get to relax in a non-shared, luxury vehicle with enough room and look out the window, capturing the rural landscapes rolling by as you move to Positano.

Airport Transfers from Naples to Amalfi Coast – Perfectly Relaxing Trip –

There is no point to start your trip to Positano with concern for time and comfort. Waiting in Naples Airport taxi lines can be difficult, finding out public transport is often complicated and time wasting, and getting on a train or bus with your own luggage is not worthy of a particular idea, especially when you are exhausted after your long flight. That’s why the private transfer service to Positano should be considered. With friendly and efficient driver you will be taken from the Naples airport to Amalfi coast hotel, making sure that no hassle or delay arises during your trip.

Airport to Positano or Amalfi Coast Transportation at Best Price –

No matter where you are on a vacation alone, with your partner or in a small group, the private transfer service to Positano will cover all your transfer needs at an affordable cost. All you have to do is to inform the private transfer company about your arrival time and meet your driver at the airport or train station with your luggage. Take advantage of this option to feel relaxed on your train or plane, knowing that first class transfer service will be available with the new model luxury vehicles such as Sedan or Mercedes at your requested time and place. While booking your airport transfer from Naples to Amalfi Coast or a private transfer service to Positano from Rome, you can be sure of a comfortable, convenient and affordable start to your trip.


Positano Limo Service is committed to meeting the private transfer needs of Italian visitors to the highest standards. We have a great fleet and the best price to serve airport transfers from Naples to Amalfi Coast or private transfer to Positano. Our private transfer is of superior quality and comes with meeting and greet and on-time pick up / drop off, comfortable transport facility. For a relaxing, pleasant and cost-effective experience of private transfer to Positano or airport transfer from Naples to Amalfi Coast, contact Positano Limo Service at +393397087359.

We reserve the right to save up to 10% on the total booking cost of a private transfer for more than once or a round trip. Visit to check out our Positano or Amalfi Coast private transfer packages now!

4 Cool Things To Do During Your Amalfi Coast Trip

With the most gorgeous coastline in the planet, a trip to the Amalfi is the main highlight of any Italian holiday. How do you know where to begin? Listed below are some of the most amazing things to see and do in this world.

Swim at Positano:

Positano is a small village with a view to the side of the massive cliffs. Discover the gratifying streets, and relish at a cafe with a magnificent sea view. Here I enjoy the sea.

leggi tutto…

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