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Planning a Capri Day Tour

Capri Italy is a beautiful island that is located near the Gulf of Naples. For anyone who wants to explore the beauty of Italy, there is nothing more satisfying than a tour to Capri where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place and also have a great time.

The island boasts some of the most amazing views and breathtaking sceneries. Capri is an island with crystal clear beaches and a temperate climate all year round: the ideal place for a relaxing day out. Enjoy a guided walking tour of this stunning Italian hotspot, and soak in all that Capri has to offer as you spend time exploring this beautiful place. Even if you are only in Italy for a few days, going on a day tour to Capri is a worthwhile experience.

Things to do on your day tour to Capri

There are lots of things to do on your Capri day tour. Capri day tours are a popular choice for travelers coming to the Amalfi Coast. Your adventure begins instantly once you leave from the Coast of Amalfi for Capri. Clear blue waters and gigantic rocks surround the path for a spectacular view.

Visiting the Blue Grotto, the island’s most famous landmark, is a popular activity. A Capri day tour will be incomplete if you miss the sight of the Blue Grotto. The cave is accessible by boat and features unreal bright blue-colored water.

There are plenty of boating activities available on Capri island. However, if you wish to explore Capri by foot, there are many sights for a walking tour. One such sight is the Gardens of Augustus, in which Mediterranean plants and trees can be observed.

The terraces on the backside of the garden are a special treat since they provide amazing views of the vast sea surrounding the island. It is a real spectacle and the reason why the gardens are part of most Capri walking tours.

Right near the Gardens of Augustus is the Via Krupp. Being in such proximity to the gardens makes it a natural part of the Capri walking tour. The Via Krupp is a wonderful set of hairpins that are perfect for hiking. You may not get to enjoy it on your day to your Capri trip along with the Via Krupp since it is closed most times of the year for fear of falling rocks. If you can get a chance, then consider yourself extremely lucky.

As a final stop on your day tour, hiking to Monte Solaro provides a different perspective on Capri. The peak marks the island’s highest point, but the hike is easy, so you can enjoy it as part of your walking tour.

Needless to say, reaching the top provides outstanding views of the whole island and the surrounding areas. It is a delightful place to capture the sunset and take some gorgeous photographs.

An experience to remember

A day tour to Capri is an experience of a lifetime. The island is among the world’s most beautiful places without a doubt and a haven for tourists.

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By ferry or we can provide private boat

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A group boat tour to circumnavigate the entire island in 1 hour from Euro 18,00 per person

A private bost tour to circumnavigate the entire island in 2/3 hours by the typical Capri gozzo or lancia from Euro 220,00  with stop for a refreshing swim, soft drinks and a bottle of cool wine and beach towels on board

By convertible taxis, so unique to experience on the island, and/or funicolar/cable car. If you require further info, please email us at: giovanna@positanolimoservice.com or WhatsApp us to the our expertise. +39 338 466 0114.