The best-kept secret of Europe is the city of Naples. The magnificent city is situated in Southern Italy by the Bay of Naples. Being in Italy if you have never been to Naples, then you will really be missing the true charm of your vacation. We at Positano Limo Service offer you the best Sightseeing Tours of Naples Italy, which will unveil the real secrets of the city and make your vacation enjoyable and pleasant.

Reasons to be with us

Yes, there are many tour operators who will promise to make available the most comfortable and pleasing vacation for you. But can you rely on them for standing beside their promises? We are the premier limo rental and private car service provider who really stands by their promises to present you a comfortable and pleasing vacation.

Let us see the reasons for choosing us leaving aside the rest.

The commitment that we have: We are committed to offering you safe, enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing tour. We not only promise, but deliver. Our tours are safe as the vehicles are properly maintained and the drivers properly screened before being appointed. You can expect to have a friendly and courteous behavior from our drivers.

As the vehicles are properly maintained it is for sure that you will have the desired comfort. Our fleet is comprised of deluxe Mercedes sedans, minivans, minibusses, so you can be assured of having the best of transportation during our tours.

The convenience that we make possible: When you become a part of our tours you can expect to have everything at your convenience. Be it the English speaking driver, the private guide or legendary hospitality you can expect to have all of us. We even customize our entire tour schedule so that you can conveniently travel and witness the incredible natural beauty and feel the legendary hospitality.

The tour that we make possible: You will get an opportunity to visit some of the artistic treasure of the city like the National Archeological Museum, The Gesu Nuvo, Royal Palace and more when you book your seat with us. We make all this possible, taking 5 to 6 hours of your valuable time. Do not think that we will rush you through. Our English speaking guide will explain in details about everything before you leave a place.

The affordability that we offer: All our charges are not per person but per vehicle. So, it does not matter if you have a large group. We will not be charging you on the strength of your group but on the number of the vehicle that you book.

What you expect from us : A guided tour with an English speaking guide  who helps translation, A local English speaking driver who drives you through even the narrow roads, both are ready to give you the best welcome and help you experience Ancient city, archaeological area,  Italian delicacies, City Sight-Seeing, Food & Wine Tour.

Let Positano Limo Service be your trusted friend while you are in Naples and unveil the best-guarded secrets of the place through their Sightseeing Tours Naples Italy. To have the services of this premier limo rental and private car service provider you can definitely call us at (+39) 339 7087359. You can know more about our affordable and convenient services by being at

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